Ai Blog Writer - Coming soon!

My name is Lincoln, and I am a writer and software developer. I've built a lot of Alexa skills, some Bixby tools.
Ai Blog Writer - Coming soon!
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Hey, y'all!

My name is Lincoln, and I am a writer and software developer. I've built a lot of Alexa skills, some Bixby tools, and a bunch of websites and products. I've also dabbled in video games.

Something I dabbled in more recently is AI, and it sort of clicked for me as a perfect tool to try and expand all of my repertoires!

So, I've been building a nifty little tool that lets you create blog posts on the fly using AI and then import them to your blog of choice! To start with you will need to copy/paste the details in, but eventually I'll build more integrations.

Blog Writer App

You can sign up and try the tool out for free, and then once you are comfortable using it you can start generating a bunch of different posts! You won't want to publish them as-is for a lot of reasons, but they can be a great way to get you started with a new blog post.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and give it a try today!

Blog Posts

I'll also be writing blog posts over here (maybe even with the help of my new tool!) about ideas to keep you motivated writing your blog, tips and tricks to help you out, and so much more!

So, let's go on a journey together and see where it leads!

I am also a blogger who writes novels over at this site:

Stories, ideas, reviews, and more from Lincoln Cole

And, I write general blog posts about my opinions and thoughts here:

Middle Ground
Can we find the Middle Ground?

There is a lot of stuff I like to create, and I will focus on these topics on this blog:

  • Ghost CMS
  • Wordpress
  • React
    • Vite
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Ubuntu
  • AWS
  • SEO
  • AI
    • OpenAi
    • Bedrock
    • OpenArt

So expect to see a lot of guides, tutorials, reviews, and just general content about these technologies and more.

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